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Patching Things Up

Play, San Francisco - Posted by SFDad on October 26, 2009 at 7:05 am

Queen of the castle? A baby pumpkin! Keep your eyes and, uh, ears open for goblins.

Keep your eyes and, uh, ears open for goblins!

One of the joys of living not too far from rural communities is the number of farms nearby. SFMom recently decided that we needed to take SFBaby to a pumpkin patch, which are often run by local farmers, so we trucked the whole family down to Half Moon Bay this past Saturday. After dealing with an hour and a half of congested traffic on the way down, we finally met up with some friends at the Arata Pumpkin Farm.

SFBaby thoroughly enjoyed her time there: pumpkin farms are generally very kid-friendly, so she was able to run about everywhere and explore, and almost everything was a “hands on” experience. Although SFBaby did not fare very well on the pony ride, the patch itself made for a great playground!

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One Comment

  • cutemomfromtheeastcoast says:

    I love how she is looking at the corn…like “So this is where you come from.”