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Where the Sand Don’t Shine

Play, San Francisco - Posted by SFDad on October 29, 2009 at 7:00 am

Is there any baby TNT in my bag of toys? Fine, then, I'll do yoga instead.

Is there any baby TNT in my bag of toys? ... Fine, I guess I'll do yoga instead.

As part of our “get out and explore the city more” theme, we also recently started venturing to a new playground atop Potrero Hill.

We love this particular playground for the magnificent views and the shade, so it is a particularly good place to go when the rest of the city is too hot. This playground is modern and recently renovated, so it has been tricked out with all of the latest play equipment.

Unlike most of our other favorite playgrounds, this one does not feature a sandbox…but in the middle of the playground, it has a deceptive patch of very hard and yellow dirt (presumably laid on top of bedrock!).

As you can imagine, SFBaby was stoked to see the new playground and the new “sand pit.” She kept running over to the patch and asking for her sand toys, so when SFDad finally relented, she extracted all of her toys from the bag, tried to dig, and…was bewildered! Luckily, this playground had plenty of other things for her to do.

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One Comment

  • friendly neighbor to the north says:

    Wow, two interesting notes in this entry: the phrase “too hot” and the fact that SFBaby is wearing SANDALS WITHOUT SOCKS!. Funcouverbaby was wearing her thick Tigger costume with her wellies this morning, cuddled up with blankets and Pup under the rain screen in the stroller. It’s coooollldd here!