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Hallowe’en Fail

Travel - Posted by SFDad on November 3, 2009 at 7:10 am

I've always wanted an orange cymbal!

I've always wanted an orange cymbal!

This past weekend, we took SFBaby up to visit the SFGrandparents for Hallowe’en. The SFGrandparents live in a family-friendly town, but the city’s Hallowe’en arrangement was opaque to our understanding. For some reason, the main trick-or-treat celebration in the city was on Friday the 30th in the early afternoon. Do kids skip school or something to go trick-or-treating? And isn’t that a day early anyway?

There was another Hallowe’en festival on the morning of 10/31 at the farmers’ market, but it finished up at 1 pm. We did not arrive in town until late morning, and with SFBaby’s nap schedule, we didn’t make that event either.

Finally, we found that one of the local grocery stores was supposed to be holding something in the afternoon of the 31st. When we arrived at their “haunted house” at 2 pm, there was only one other kid there, so it was not particularly exciting.

So, we went home and carved pumpkins instead. Luckily for us, SFBaby didn’t seem to care and she enjoyed hanging out with SFGrandma, SFGrandpa and SFAunt.

We are promising ourselves to do a better job next year!

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One Comment

  • friendly neighbor to the north says:

    How about THIS one: our neighborhood had a Pet Parade. As in: you dress your pet up and walk it around in a circle. This followed by pet trick-or-treat – as in: you take your ridiculous looking pet into a store where it receives a Halloween treat. Either I’m a cranky old traditionalist who believes in masks and jack-o-lanterns and snickers bars, or this surely is a sign that Rome is falling.