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Two is Company

Sleep - Posted by SFDad on November 16, 2009 at 3:30 pm

John Ritter would be proud.

John Ritter would be proud.

Over the the last few months, we have come to realize that SFBaby is a stickler when it comes to her sleep routine. Somewhat distressingly, it’s also much harder for SFMom to get her to go to sleep than it is for SFDad. (We think the main issue is that SFMom is still breast-feeding, and it must be oh-so-hard to drift off to sleep when your bottomless cup of milk is nearby!)

Our current bedtime routine requires us to pretend that SFMom is leaving, so we all say our goodbyes, and then SFMom deports herself to the hallway outside our apartment.

With the mommy distraction out of the way, SFDad and SFBaby are finally able to get started on the sleeping piece. SFBaby is usually happy to walk herself to her crib, so SFDad just picks her up and puts her in. Next, she generally demands milk, so SFDad walks back to the fridge, loads up a sippy cup half-full of milk, and brings it back.

The next part of our routine is more fun. SFBaby is a procrastinator, so we remove the top of the sippy cup and have her drink directly from the glass to speed things along. This worked well for some time, but now that routine looks like this:

  • SFBaby drinks a few gulps from the cup.
  • SFBaby JUMPS UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN for five seconds, while still holding a mouthful of milk.
  • SFBaby swallows said mouthful of milk.
  • SFBaby walks around the crib.
  • SFDad asks: “More milk?”
  • Repeat from top.

Ten minutes later, once we’ve finished all of the milk in the cup (there is a reason why we only fill the cup halfway!), SFDad has to declare that the milk is “all gone” before we move on to the next phase.

SFBaby then usually requests to “snuggle daddy”. This started out with SFDad just picking her up and letting her rest on his shoulder for a while, and after a few minutes, he would then deposit her into the crib for a nice sleep.

Now, things have become more complicated. For background: SFBaby has a couple of toys that she likes to play with in her crib, including a stuffed Curious George doll (“George”) and Dmitry the Teddy Bear (“Didi”).

A few weeks ago, she started requesting “SFBaby snuggle George with Daddy.” Thus, the routine now requires SFDad to hold SFBaby while George is sandwiched between everyone. Let’s just say that it is hard for SFBaby to even reach SFDad’s shoulder when George is stuck in the middle.

SFBaby, however, is not one to be complacent. On Saturday, SFDad got the newest ultimatum: “SFBaby snuggle George and Didi with Daddy.” Now what do we do?!?

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  • friendly neighbo(u)r to the north says:

    Aha! Northern Baby is similar – going to sleep is much easier with Papa. We have a different set of routines which involves Mama lying on the floor and reading and singing before Papa and Baby say good night to the autos, the street, the houses, the trees, the clouds, the stars, the moon, before piling her crib with fox, owl, ‘biddy’ (the pink zebra), frog 1 and frog 2, miffy, and puppy. (There is barely enough room for baby). And then we “pull the cow” and leave. (The cow plays old mcdonald over and over and over and over…..).

  • cutemomfromtheeastcoast says:

    Come on knock on our door…we’ve been waiting for you.